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from the State Medical Board of Ohio

Prescribing Opioids for Acute Pain Rules - Phase 2 (Effective December 29, 2017)



Ohio’s rules for prescribing opioids to address acute pain took effect in August 2017. Starting December 29, 2017 prescribers are required to include the ICD-10 code on prescriptions for opioids to treat acute pain. If you have not yet confirmed that your EMR and/or e-prescribing vendor(s) can support automated placement of the ICD-10 code on prescriptions, is it strongly suggested that you contact them immediately. If your EMR system is not able to automate the code by December 29, 2017, you can simply add the ICD-10 numbers into the comment section on the prescription or write it in manually. The State Medical Board has provided information on the new acute prescribing rules over the past four months and will be releasing additional educational information next month about the new rule requirements.


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