Clinical Research Faculty Certificate

Clinical Research Faculty Certificate Renewal

Certificate Renewal

A clinical research faculty certificate is valid for three years, except that the certificate ceases to be valid if the holder's appointment to the academic staff of the school is no longer valid. A clinical research faculty certificate may be renewed for an additional three-year period. There is no limit on the number of times a certificate may be renewed. A person seeking renewal of a certificate shall apply to the Board. The Board shall provide the application for renewal in a form determined by the Board. An applicant is eligible for renewal if the applicant does all the following:

  1. Pays a renewal fee of $375.00;

  2. Reports any criminal offense to which the applicant has pleaded guilty, of which the applicant has been found guilty or for which the applicant has been found eligible for intervention in lieu of conviction, since last filing an application for a clinical research faculty certificate;

  3. Provides to the Board an affidavit and supporting documentation from the dean of the medical school or the department director or chairperson of a teaching hospital affiliated with the school that the applicant is in compliance with the applicant's current clinical research faculty certificate;

  4. Provides evidence satisfactory to the Board of all of the following:

    1. ​That the applicant continues to maintain a current, unrestricted license to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery issued by another state or country;

    2. ​That the applicant's initial appointment to serve in this state on the academic staff of a medical school is still valid or has been renewed;

    3. That the applicant has completed one hundred fifty hours of continuing medical education that meet the requirements set forth in section 4731.281 of the Revised Code.


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