Training Certificate (MD, DO, DPM)

MD, DO & DPM Training Certificate Renewal

Certificate Renewal

Training Certificate holders are renewed on an annual basis in order to maintain an active training certificate.  Training Certificates may be renewed annually for a maximum of five years. The fee for renewal of a training certificate is $35.00.

Training Certificates are renewed online. Online renewals are processed daily. Weekend renewals are processed on Mondays or the next business day. You may view your renewal status online here.


When you are ready to start the online renewal process, go to and follow the online instructions. Use the computer-generated User ID and Password included in the online renewal notice sent to you. For online renewal, you will need the following items:

  • Complete home address information.

  • Your Social Security number. 

  • Your email address for confirmation notice.

  • A valid credit card - Visa, MasterCard or Discover to complete the payment of your online renewal.

NOTE: If you cannot complete the process during your session, simply exit the program. The system will save what you have done and allow you to log back on at a later time to continue.


Additional Forms

Training Certificate Program Change Form


View the Frequently Asked Questions here.