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Non-Physician acupuncturist Licensure Information

Acupuncture is defined as a form of health care performed by the insertion and removal of specialized needles, with or without the application of moxibustion or electrical stimulation, to specific areas of the body. A physician in Ohio may practice acupuncture under his/her medical license, but the non-physician registration was established in May of 2000 under Chapter 4762 of the Ohio revised code.

The non-physician acupuncturist shall perform acupuncture for a patient only if the patient has received a physician’s written referral or prescription for acupuncture. As specified in the referral or prescription, the acupuncturist shall provide reports to the physician on the patient’s condition or progress in treatment and comply with the conditions or restrictions on the acupuncturist’s course of treatment. Before making the referral or prescription for acupuncture, the supervision physician shall perform a medical diagnostic examination of the patient or review the results of a medical diagnostic examination recently performed by another physician.


Criminal Background Check required for initial license and license restoration applications received on or after March 24, 2008.





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