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The State Medical Board of Ohio is comprised of twelve members: nine physicians (seven MD, one DO, one DPM) and three non-physician public members. The board members are appointed by the governor and serve five-year terms. Appointment terms are staggered to provide continuity and board members may be reappointed. Two members are selected by their peers on the board to serve as the Board’s Secretary and Supervising Member who oversee the board’s investigatory and enforcement processes.

The Medical Board commits to providing good customer service to all its customers, both internal and external. The board and its staff will treat all of our customers with courtesy and respect by responding to requests in a timely manner; striving to identify customer needs; and working to resolve customer complaints. The principles outlined in our Customer Service Standards will assist the board and its staff in accomplishing this goal.

The public Board Meetings occur on the second Wednesday of each month. Click here to view the schedule and approved minutes.

Rules and Policies

Learn how the State Medical Board of Ohio adopts proposed rules: summary of steps

There are English and Spanish versions available for the Medical Board's public records policy.


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