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State Medical Board of Ohio Suspends License

The State Medical Board of Ohio voted today to summarily suspend William Husel’s osteopathic medicine and surgery license. Today’s board action means Husel cannot practice medicine in the state of Ohio. The board action is based on allegations of his failure to meet acceptable standards regarding the selection of drugs, violations of the minimal standards of care and failing to cooperate in a board’s investigation related to the doctor’s prescribing of fentanyl and midazolam to patients under his care at Mt. Carmel Health Systems. 


A summary suspension is the fastest means to remove a licensee from practice. We were pleased yesterday when the Ohio Attorney General called for a summary suspension as it was consistent with our aggressive case development that occurred in collaboration with their office over the last several weeks, in preparation for the board’s vote today. There is a higher burden of proof than a regular administrative action as the licensee does not get a hearing prior to the board member’s vote. The law to issue a summary suspension requires the board’s Secretary and Supervising Member to determine that there is clear and convincing evidence that a physician has violated the Medical Practices Act (4731.22B) and that the doctor’s continued practice creates a danger of immediate and serious harm to the public. For summary suspension cases involving minimum standards related to prescribing, the board would typically review patient records involved, interview witnesses, work collaboratively with law enforcement and interview the licensee whose practices are being questioned.


Next steps: the licensee has 30 days to request a hearing. Based on information from that hearing (if it occurs) or additional fact finding (such as criminal charges/convictions), members of the State Medical Board of Ohio will decide on permanent action. Board action can range from probation to permanent revocation. The decision would occur during a regular monthly board meeting.

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