Mental and Physical Conditions

Q: How does the board address practitioners who may be unable to practice due to mental or physical conditions?

A: The State Medical Board has statutory authority to take action against licensees who have an inability to practice due to mental or physical illness. The board may also address mental health and physical conditions through its confidential monitoring program.


Q: What is the confidential monitoring program?

A: The confidential monitoring program allows an eligible individual who has a mental or physical illness to avoid formal disciplinary action by the board. Under Ohio Administrative Code 44731-28-01 through 4731-28-05, eligible individuals may participate in a non-disciplinary confidential monitoring program.


Q: Who is eligible?

A: The confidential monitoring program is available for individuals with a mental or physical illness where the Secretary and Supervising Member of the board have determined that an individual’s condition can be appropriately monitored through ongoing observation rather than formal disciplinary action.


Q: Does the confidential monitoring program include substance use disorders?

A: ​No. The confidential monitoring program is only for mental or physical conditions excluding substance use. Additional information regarding substance use disorders can be found under One Bite


Q: What psychiatric assessors have been approved by the board to conduct return to work evaluations for practitioners with a mental health condition?

A: A licensee who is required to undergo a return to work evaluation for a mental health condition can find a list of assessors previously approved by the board here.


Please contact your compliance officer for more information on the process to petition for board approval for an assessor not included on this list.