Radiologist Assistant (RA)

Radiologist Assistant Renewal

License Renewal

Licenses issued effective 10/17/19 and thereafter will expire two years after the original date of issuance:

  • for existing license holders, the renewal deadline will continue to be on the same date as it is currently

  • for new license holders this means renewal will occur on the two-year anniversary of initial issuance and every two years thereafter

  • pro-rated CME applies only to initial licenses issued prior to 10/17/2019 with less than 18 months of licensure.

Ohio licenses may be renewed online at You may view your renewal status online hereNote: if you experience technical issues on the eLicense website, please use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.


Before Completing Renewal Application

Applicants will be required to complete the renewal application in its entirety and pay a non-refundable fee. Applicants will be required to upload any required documents because of an affirmative answer provided in the Questions portion of the application, license specific certifications and to have a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover).


After You Apply

Following submission and payment for your renewal application you will receive an email confirming submission and payment.

If you need to contact the Board, please email


Late License Renewal

Late renewal is applicable if the license has lapsed for less than two years.


License Restoration

An individual should apply for a restoration application if their license has been inactive for two years or more. A license may be restored upon an applicant's submission of a restoration application, the restoration fee and submission of criminal background checks. Please note: The board may require additional training or examination, or both, of any applicant who for the two years or more immediately preceding the date of application has not been engaged in clinical practice. To restore a license, log into the eLicense portal:


Renewal Fees

Renewal fee $200.00

Late renewal fee $225.00

Restoration fee $250.00

Transaction fee $3.50


Continuing Education

In order to be eligible for renewal of the license, a Radiologist Assistant must certify to the Board that he or she has the following:

  • A license as a radiographer under Chapter 4773. of the Revised Code; and

  • Certification as a registered radiologist assistant from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) by meeting the registry's requirements for annual registration, including completion of the continuing education requirements established by the registry.

The board may require a random sample of Radiologist Assistants to submit materials documenting certification by the ARRT and completion of the NCCAA required hours of CE. It is imperative that you maintain accurate records of CE activities for purposes of possible audit.


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