Renewal FAQs

Renewal & CME FAQs 

Q: How do I change/update my mailing address?

A: You will need to log into your account, which will bring you to your eLicense Dashboard. Click on the “options” box located on your license tile. Choose “change address”. This will enable you to submit a Service Request to change your address.


Q: I need to renew my license.

  1. Visit our eLicense website at

  2. Check “Login / Create Your Account”

  3. On the right side of the screen you will see “Existing Users”

  4. Enter your Username (Email) and Password

  5. Click “Login”

  6. Click “Options” on your license

  7. Click “Renew”

  8. On the next page click “Proceed to Application”


Q: How do I submit my payment to renew my license?

A: All renewals need to be completed online. No paper applications will be acceptedyou will need to login to your eLicense account and procceed to renewal/reinstatement fee to submit your payment. 


Q:How do I get confirmation of my payment?

A: Payment confirmations will be sent to the email address on file after the payment has been submitted. If you are requesting another confirmation contact the renewal department at to request it. 


Q: Where may I find more information about a specific physician, such as his or her education, training and/or practice information?

A: You can look up a physician by going to searching using the physician's first and last name.


Q: When I submitted my renewal online, why did I not receive a new wallet card?

A: The Board discontinued issuing wallet cards on September 29, 2015. You will no longer receive a wallet card at the time of initial licensure or renewal, pursuant to HB 64. 


Q: How can I submit a name change?

A: In order to request a name change you must login to your account at You will be required to upload documents supporting your name change. 


Q: How do I request a duplicate Wall Certificate?

A: Visit our elicense website at You will see your elicense dashboard, under license click duplicate/replacement wall certificate and proceed to pay now. 


Q: How do I submit a Mid-Year Program change for a Training Certificate?

A: If you change programs, complete the Training Program Change form and have the new program email it directly to the Medical Board at


Q: What is the loan repayment fee on the physician license renewal?

A: Pursuant to Ohio law, twenty dollars of each renewal fee goes to the Physician Loan Repayment Fund which provides loan repayment assistance to physicians who commit to practice in underserved areas. This is not a new fee and the total renewal fee paid by physicians has not changed. Further information regarding the Ohio Physician Loan Repayment Program can be found on the Oho Department of Health’s website here.