Cultural Competency

State Medical Board of Ohio Cultural Competency Guide for Health Care Providers

Through collaborative efforts with numerous local, state and federal organizations, the State Medical Board of Ohio has created a brief guide for providers as an introduction to cultural competency. This document draws on resources from across the country, including review and input from a diverse group of experts. The guide is meant to be a starting-point for developing linguistic and cultural competencies among health care providers. The SMBO understands that it can be challenging to provide best practices for demographic groups while trying to avoid generalities and assumptions. Therefore, feedback to improve the language in this guide is welcomed.

SMBO Cultural Competency Guide for Providers


Cultural Competency Video 

The Medical Board is excited to share a cultural competency educational video with its licensees and partners. The video illustrates concepts from the guide and features subject matter experts, Medical Board licensees and our 2019 board president, Dr. Michael Schottenstein.


If you feel information should be reassessed or refined, please email us with your input: As outlined in this guide- no single person can be an “authority”; developing cultural competencies is an ever-evolving skill.