Telehealth Guidance

Telehealth Guidance


State Medical Board of Ohio

On March 23, 2022, Ohio’s new telehealth law including R.C. 4743.09  became effective. This new telehealth law applies to the following Medical Board licensees: physicians (MD, DO, DPM), physician assistants, dietitians, respiratory care professionals and genetic counselors. 

The new law also allowed the Medical Board to extend its suspension of enforcement of the Board’s current telehealth related rules while the Board amends or adopts new telehealth rules. At its February 9, 2022 meeting, the Medical Board voted to extend the suspension of enforcement of these rules while the Board amends or adopts new telehealth rules. As the Board’s telehealth guidance states: SMBO will not enforce in-person visit requirements normally required in SMBO rules. Suspension of these enforcement requirements includes, but is not limited to:

• Prescribing controlled substances 

• Prescribing for subacute and chronic pain 

• Prescribing to patients not seen by the provider 

• Pain management 

• Medical marijuana recommendations and renewals 

• Office-based treatment for opioid addiction

Providers must document their use of telemedicine and meet minimal standards of care. The Board is currently working on new telehealth rules.  Updates to these rules can be found here.