On May 20, 2019, Governor Mike DeWine issued Executive Order 2019-16D,1 creating the Governor’s Working Group on Reviewing of the Medical Board’s Handling of the Investigation Involving Richard Strauss. In their report to the governor, members recommended that the board should “reassure its constituents, despite the recent and ongoing revelations surrounding Strauss, that it seeks to strike a balance between investigation confidentiality and government transparency, in order to achieve internal accountability and to demonstrate its commitment to eradicating sexual impropriety by its licensees.” Governor's Working Group Report

This webpage is dedicated to supporting transparency as the board seeks to implement recommendations made by the working group and appropriate disclosure of case information to the public.


Internal Performance and Compliance Audit

The State Medical Board of Ohio seeks proposals for an internal performance and compliance audit of its handling of complaints, with a focus on complaints alleging sexual impropriety. The audit should include a review of applicable statutes, rules, policies, protocols, and processes from complaint intake through final disposition, and provide recommendations for improvement, where necessary. Required knowledge and proficiencies include: state medical board experience; extensive knowledge of medical board operations; expertise in administrative law; medical expertise. Proposals should be sent to: Susan Loe by close of business January 25, 2020. Questions may also be directed to Susan.


Historical Sexual Misconduct Case Review by Location

This map reflects the approximate location of closed complaints made against licensees for sexual misconduct from January 1997 to September 2019.


Project Progress Dashboard

A quick look at working group recommendations and Medical Board implementation



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