Verification - Letter of Good Standing

Anyone can check the STATUS of a license for free. This can also be printed and used as a wallet card.

  • Visit

  • In the Verify a License section, type in the licensee's first and last name

  • Select Medical Board from the drop down menu

  • Once you have clicked on the record for the correct licensee, you will be able to see if the license is active, expired, revoked or if there has been any formal disciplinary action taken by the board.


OFFICIAL VERIFICATION of a License To Be Sent to Other States/Entities (also called a letter of good standing)

  • License holders: proceed to


  • If you have already registered, enter your email and password under the Existing Users Login

  • If you have not registered, select I HAVE A LICENSE and complete the site registration process

  • After you are logged in, find the active license on your dashboard.

  • Click on the Options button on that license tile


  • Complete the Submit Verification to Another Entity form

  • Pay the $50 fee online through your shopping cart with Visa, Mastercard or Discover. The fee is applicable to: MDs, DOs, DPMs, Massage Therapists, Cosmetic Therapists, Respiratory Care Professionals, Dietitians, Training Certificate holders and Special Certificate holders.


Prior to July 1, 1999, training certificates were not mandatory in order to engage in an accredited training program in Ohio. Therefore, the Board cannot verify the training certificates issued prior to July 1, 1999. The NBME, NBOME, NBPME and the USMLE scores must be obtained directly from those entities.

If you have questions or concerns, you may contact the State Medical Board of Ohio at